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The Sheffield City Giants are a pair of  processional giants which were presented to the City of Sheffield in 1992. War and Peace were completed in
Sheffield, by Jordi Grau, a well known Catalan professional Giant maker. Each Giant weighs around 45 kilograms and is 4 metres high. Each one is carried by a single porter for performances and processions in parades and festivals.

During a half hour spot, the Giants dance four specially choreographed dances which are named in honour of significant aspects of the Giants' lives. They are accompanied by a talented band which has played at a high standard for performances in Europe, Canada and Britain. The Giants are protected in performance by a group of catchers who act as stewards and arena markers.

Requirements for processions:
Reasonably level, with no hills
A route which avoids low telegraph wires and bunting, rough ground, and overhanging foliage lower than 20 ft
No more than one mile
A route which is more than 10 ft wide.
(NB In most cases the route will have to be checked by one of the crew)

Requirements for performance:
A dance space of around 20 Sq metres
A level reasonably smooth surface
Space for a 10-piece band
An arena which is safe for the public